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rabbet and assembly instructions

For a door with a 3rd hinge, it is not installed in the middle, but approximately 250 mm below the upper hinge. This increases the load capacity. The door bumpers are mounted as far from the hinge pivot as possible, so leverage forces on the hinges do not damage the doors.


Recommended hinge position for wide and heavy doors

Because of the length of the hinge for wide and heavy doors, the distance between the two upper hinges must be increased accordingly.


The band reference line is a theoretical line in a door hinge. It allows an accurate determination of the tape ownership in its altitude in the frame and the door leaf. The ribbon reference line guarantees precise assembly.

In DIN 18101 the band seat and in DIN 18268 the band reference line for the different types of door hinges is decided.




To protect against corrosion, the ball bearings and axle pin of the door fittings are slightly oiled. Before mounting, the axle pin should be sufficiently lubricated with oil or bearing grease. Depending on the load, it is necessary to relubricate, so that a long service life as well as an always lighter and noiseless belt run can be achieved.

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