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Sizes and Variants

All our products are milled and drilled from profile material. Depending on the model, we use either brass or stainless steel as material. For the brass hinges we offer different surfaces: polished brass, matt brass, nickel-plated polished, nickel-plated matt, antique, burnished, tin-plated, gold-plated, chrome plated, chromium-plated polished and matt, black, white, tin 2.0, aranja, copper and nickel dark polished and matt. Bicolor is also possible. In addition, the fittings, depending on the design, can be provided with a decorative final tip.
Our product range includes hinges for doors, windows and furniture. Unlike door hinges, hinges cannot be unhooked.
All door hinges and hinges are already pre-drilled. The mortise hinges can be delivered drilled or undrilled.
You can choose between four different crankings for our fittings, furniture and decorative cabinet lift-off hinges. Cranking A (straight) serves as a stop for blunt-inset doors. Cranking D is for rebated doors. The cranking B or C is for the recessed doors, whereas cranking L is for overlay doors. With the bend D, different rebate depths are available (K D7.5 for furniture, K D13 and K D14 for room doors). The number here indicates the rebate depth, e.g. K D13 has a rebate depth of 13 mm.

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The right size

The right hinge for every purpose. Whether with a height of two centimeters or a maximum load of up to 300 kg (palace doors), depending on the application, other qualities of our fittings are required.
Depending on the application, other properties of our hinges are required. So we produce fittings for doors, furniture, campers, ships and much more. Starting with a leaf size of 20 mm up to 200 mm - we always have the right hinge.
But not only the size is a criterion for our hinges. Rather, our tapes come into play, when a high load capacity is required. Not infrequently, our hinges are exposed to high loads in hotels and on palace doors. That's why we use specially made ball bearings. This ensures smooth running without lowering.
Our extra large and robust hinges have a maximum capacity load of up to 300 kg. They are perfect for heavy front or entrance doors.
Due to the precise production of our hinges, they are also ideal for many other special purposes. Thus, the hinges do not wear out to vibration and shock. The use in mobile homes and on ships therefore ensures long-lasting and smooth-running doors without dragging.

Right- oder left-hand hinge?


Cranking A

Rabbet blunt-inset doors

Cranking B or C

Rabbet for for recessed doors

Cranking D

Rabbet for rebated doors

Cranking L

Rabbet for blunt overlay doors

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